A global company based in Germany wanted to tell the world about its innovation and co-creation program, but it knew its audience would tire of messages about the program itself.

The company asked Rhea to create storylines for attracting the media to cover sub-aspects of the program, which was about food, water and urbanization. Rhea was asked to research and articulate various “news hooks’ for selling the story.


Rhea came up with five story angles about trends and broader themes related to the innovation program.  For each story idea, she wrote a detailed “pitch” that the company could use when approaching the media.

The storylines were:

#1 How and why large companies are using co-creation to solve problems that matter

#2 Arts and culture as part of the innovation process

#3 Asking the right questions as part of the innovation process

#4 Immersion research techniques in the innovation process

#5 Expanding networks of contacts as part of the innovation process

More information on request.