Your company is full of subject-matter experts.

Boost your business by helping them become thought leaders.


Ask yourself this: What would your business be like if you were able to unleash the knowledge you already have and share it with a global audience? What if the articles you produce invited prospects and clients into deep, thoughtful discussions about how to solve their biggest problems?

No more blah blah pumped out with little thought. No more stories about why your company is better than the next one. No more academic-style writing that puts your audience to sleep. What if your experts had articulated their own thought-leadership niche and were writing stories born of that niche? Stories that matter. Stories that make a difference.

It’s time to enable all those brains in your company to communicate in writing with as much sophistication as they are able to speak and consult. It’s time to help your experts move from being invisible experts to visible ones in the world’s largest business arena – LinkedIn.

Welcome to a unique training opportunity.

It’s one that will not only help you earn the attention of your audience, it will help your experts generate new ideas for the business and new pieces of intellectual property.

Instead of dealing in facts, your experts will begin to deal in story.

They learn to become ideas scouts in your company. They learn how to articulate value.