is specialized in helping you develop your book concept

Are you on the cusp of articulating a Big Idea?


Do you have an important message for your audience, but you are struggling to shape it into a book concept?


I’m a book coach. Perhaps I can help.


You run an ideas-based business or work in a crowded field where you or your company needs to be a more visible expert.

Perhaps you are a freelancer, coach, trainer, small business owner, asset manager, consultant, lawyer or work for an accounting firm.

You have lots of good ideas – too many, in fact – and you need to structure and clarify them so that you can articulate your Big Idea. You need to understand how to build on your Big Idea in long-form to support your journey to thought leadership.


I am a writer and advisor to thought leaders. I founded the Institute for Thought Leadership and am the author of Write Like a Thought Leader (forthcoming in mid 2020).

My work will help you shape your big idea and map out a tight concept for a book that can position you as a thought leader.  In addition, I will help you create an in-depth plan of action for finishing and launching your book.


Should we decide to work together, we will be a team with the goal of helping you become a more visible expert by publishing your book.

I will guide you through the process of articulating your thought-leadership niche and developing your book concept from this sweet spot. In in-depth interviews, you will formulate your ideas, and I will capture and shape them into a book concept, outline, proposal or all of the above.

If you already have material or a rough draft of your book, I will help you tighten and hone it.

More about me:

-Journalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal

-Knack for conceptualizing projects and finding cool ideas

-Long years of experience in the tech and finance industries, among others

Personal website:


The conceptual phase of writing a book is the hardest part of the job – and the most valuable. Without a good concept, your book will:

-wander all over the place

-repeat what is already known

-squander the chance to show your thought leadership

For these reasons, I say that investing in the conceptual phase is the most important investment. By getting it right at the beginning, not only can you reach your goals with the content of your book, you also save a lot of pain, suffering and money during the writing phase.

Please email me about your free initial consultation.

Typically I work on a project basis payable upfront or in monthly installments.

Here’s how we can work together:

– Story Health Check
A 1-hour clarity session about whether you’re headed in the right direction.

Introductory offer price: Free for a limited period of time

– Monthly Coaching
We meet virtually two times a month for 1.5 hours to hash out your ideas and develop the outline for your thought-leadership book.

– Manuscript Analysis
Rhea takes a look at what you’ve already written and gives you advice on the direction and next steps.

What is a thought leader?

I see thought leaders as subject-matter experts who:

  • Give useful advice from a fresh perspective
  • Publish widely
  • Influence their field
  • Steer the conversation
  • Set the agenda

Instead of waiting to see the shape of the future, thought leaders actively mold it by articulating what is new, different and important, and they do so in a way that is engaging. In short, thought leaders are sought after for the clarity and originality of their ideas. Often, they have a knack for simplifying the complex and turning complex ideas into compelling stories.

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