Welcome.  Here I want to share my thoughts on good speechwriting.
In my opinion, great speeches inspire people to think or act differently due to a personal experience you share.

Persuading people has always been a fine art. Some people seem to be born with the ability. Others learn it.

Think of inspiring speeches that have touched your heart, and you may find that they have a few things in common: a personal appeal; ties to a bigger, grander idea; and altruistic traits.

My philosophy: Behind every great speech is a great speechwriter. It’s either the person who gave the speech or it’s the person they hired to help.

Writing a great speech is like crafting a mosaic – the artist must know which thoughts to pull in and which ones to leave out.

I see it as my job to help you channel the right emotions and the right amount of them into the story you want to tell.



Analysis and editing of existing speeches

Coaching on the delivery of your speech (voice, body language, etc.)

Feedback on your personal, physical presentation

Video analysis of your speech or presentation

In-house speechwriting training seminars and workshops

1 and 2-day speechwriting seminars in Frankfurt open to the public. (Email me for details)