A knowledge-based company active in consulting and technology needed to raise the profile of a top executive in charge of digital strategy for a European region. The executive had good ideas about what he wanted to say, and an interesting spin on the trends. However, he had little time to write articles, his written English was not 100%, and his writing style was more academic than journalistic.


The company asked Rhea to regularly ghostwrite articles for the executive for publication on its website and various social media channels.

Rhea and the executive set up monthly interviews and talked for a maximum of one hour. Afterwards, Rhea wrote one to three stories based on the interview. The executive proofed the stories, Rhea wrote the social media to go along with the articles, and the articles were published on the company website under the name of the executive.

Rhea kept track of the stories the two had already covered and regularly made suggestions for new topics and angles.