Here you will find tips, tricks and tools for better profile writing.


First, my definition of a good story:

Good stories are about sympathetic characters who go through ordeals and meet or fail to meet the challenges presented. As a result, the character gains insight and transforms into something new.

A thank you to Jon Franklin and his book Writing for Story for helping me get to my definition.

Now, I’d like to apply my definition to profile writing.

A profile is the effort to capture the personality, character and motivation of a person on paper. I consider it one of the highest callings in the field of writing because its purpose is to understand another human being – as much as that is possible.

In my opinion, the best profiles bring together human understanding with storytelling techniques that do not over-dramatize and are true to the subject.

Selected Clips

Sibel Kekilli’s New Reality

Jan 2011
The Wall Street Journal

Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff Dismounts Into Her Kitchen

July, 2012
The Wall Street Journal

Picture Perfect: Profile of Leica CEO Andreas Kaufmann

July 2012
Exceptional Magazine by EY

Brand Evolution: Profile of Warsteiner CEO Catharina Cramer

Jan. 2013
Exceptional Magazine by EY

Second Chances: Nobody believed AfB founder and CEO Paul Cvilak could make a profit employing disabled people to refurbish IT hardware

Jan 2014
Exceptional Magazine by EY

Swimming for her Life: Facing aggressive cancer and family tragedy, Lucy Kunz took her fight underwater

May 5, 2012
Pomona College Magazine