Thanks for swinging by my ghostwriting page. Here I want to talk about the process of ghostwriting and why a ghostwriter might be good for you.


Ghostwriters help smart, busy people get their ideas on paper.

Often, sources already know what they want to say. But in many cases, the writer must use interviewing and story framing techniques to help the person come up with a unique storyline.

Once the writer and source have a strong story angle, it’s time to fill out the story with the expert’s own ideas, opinions, understanding, and, if possible, voice.

Here's an article I ghostwrote

Four Ways To Save More Of Your Paycheck

Nov 11, 2011


Ghostwriting  – Technical articles

Ghostwritng – Opinion articles


Consulting – How to set up a ghostblogging program in your company


Ghostblogging for a top executive


A knowledge-based company active in consulting and technology needed to raise the profile of a top executive in charge of digital strategy for a European region. The executive had good ideas about what he wanted to say,

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Writing for customer and thought-leadership magazines


An agency needed journalistic writing for corporate clients with customer and thought-leadership magazines. It wanted everything from stories on time management and motivation techniques, to those on how a power plant works.

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