Constructive Journalism, Solutions Journalism: No Matter What You Call It, These Stories Show a Path for Change

Forthcoming chapter about how constructive journalism/solutions journalism tools help reporters focus on solutions and hope, not just problems.


Preliminary title of book: Re-Authoring Futures – Narrative Approaches and Methods in Organizations 

To be published by:  Jacques Chlopczyk  and Christine Erlach in spring 2019

Succeeding for generations: Stories of the world’s most enduring family businesses

Coffee table book by EY

Rhea’s chapter: Bankhaus Spängler Austria

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Human Capital Thought Leaders: A strategy + business Reader

Published in 2008 by Booz Allen Hamilton

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The Best of Newspaper Writing 1999

-As a finalist for an ASNE Distinguished Writing Award, an article Rhea wrote for the Anniston Star appeared in the book The Best of Newspaper Writing 1999.

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