Welcome to my new website. This update is about 10 years overdue. Seriously. My last website got stuck in a time warp.

Getting to launch was a long journey. Things didn’t work out with my first designer/developer three years ago, who thought it was OK to ask a writer to learn how to code.

Today I might welcome that, or at least I wouldn’t be as afraid as before. Back then it came as a jaw-dropping shock.

Designer #2 was very creative and artsy and I really liked her work. But my ideas hadn’t gelled enough, and I had wanted to create multiple websites for all my different types of writing.

Then came along a team in Berlin made up of an Argentinian web designer, Lucia Szych, and a Chilean developer, Nicolás Concha. Together we created what you see here, and I am grateful to both Lucia and Nico for all their guidance and support.