Welcome. StoryForce Digital Strategy Consulting is a network of experienced journalists who advise on digital strategy, content strategy and story quality. We’ve all worked on daily deadline as writers or editors for top newspapers and magazines.

While other agencies may be good at digital, we give you a mature understanding of story and the digital savvy you need to get attention for your ideas.  

Our goal is to help you cut to the essential – to make your stories shine through in a universe overpopulated by words and under-populated with meaning.

Here you can get a quick overview of the work we do

Our approach

Even in this age of Twitter-length verse, many companies produce large tomes of information that require the reader to mine the text for a few small nuggets of useful material.

Instead of creating a compelling story that informs, entertains and motivates the reader to be a part of a larger human ideal, they numb the audience with business-speak that is hard to decipher and equally hard to digest.

Our network of story professionals is out to change this.

We want you to have clear, crisp concepts brought over in compelling language.

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For companies:

You are:

  • A company that wants to tell stories of significance to be positioned as a thought leader in your field

For organizations:

You are: 

  • An advocacy organization that wants to instigate change by telling stories of significance and creating a social media presence with content depth

Individuals, Universities, & Schools:

You are:

  • An individual who wants to tell stories of significance to become a thought leader in your area


Social media audit, with a focus on story quality

Social media strategy development, with a focus on story quality

Content execution, with a focus on story quality

Social media writing clinics

Story research

Storyline consulting

Story-finding workshops

Concept development