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Lufthansa Tackles an Ethical Dilemma Over Deportation of Asylum Seekers,   The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Asian Wall Street Journal -January 29, 2001

On the One Hand... Nobel laureates debate the merits of Bush and Kerry economic policies , The Wall Street Journal Europe-September 3-5, 2004

Some Native Alaskans Benefit From VoiceStream Deal ,   The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Europe -May 31, 2001

German fund managers find some European Internet bargains,   The Wall Street Journal Europe Convergence Magazine -September 25, 2000

Scoring a goal - World Cup offers wireless companies a way to kick off new services,   The Wall Street Journal -February 13, 2006

German Retail Investors Seek to Join IPO Party,   The Wall Street Journal Europe -March 20, 2000

Opening Up - Some European firms let employees edit Intranets ,   The Wall Street Journal -October 24, 2005

Business Schools Set Course For Charted Waters,   The Wall Street Journal Europe-November 10, 2006

German Program Helps Schools Slow Brain Drain,   The Wall Street Journal Europe-November 10, 2006

The main course - Schools cook up business classes for chefs and restaurant owners,   The Wall Street Journal Europe-September 20, 2006

German students turn to loans,   The Wall Street Journal Europe - March 31, 2006

The Art of Living in a Museum Piece,   Different stories on the same artist appeared in the German Press Agency dpa, The European Stars & Stripes and The Wall Street Journal Europe -March 23, 2001

'Dot.coms' Furnish English Language With German Twist --- Short Words Are Now Scarce, So Web Firms Must Use Gigantic, Ungainly Names,   The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Europe - April 24, 2000

Breaking the Rules (and a Few Eggs) --- At Frankfurt-Area Restaurant, Chef Hessler Earns Star Status With Natural Talent, Creativity,  Special to The Wall Street Journal Europe -May 8, 2003

Frankfurt: Life in the (not too) fast lane, International Herald Tribune - Feb 2004

Let's make a deal, with CO2, International Herald Tribune - May 2004

What, exactly do you hear?,  The Christian Science Monitor -January 14, 2003

Is there time to slow down?,  The Christian Science Monitor -January 9, 2003

You want it, you buy it, you forget it,  The Christian Science Monitor -December 5, 2002

When art is a community project - Documenta exhibit unites a struggling German neighborhood,  The Christian Science Monitor -September, 2002

Harvesting olives in Tuscany - where else?,  The Christian Science Monitor -January 22, 2003

Ron Gone? With or without its chief, Deutsche Telekom might be nearing the end of its misery , Barron's-May 27, 2002

University in Munich Develops RFID Enabled Log Harvesting, RFID Journal - Dec 2006

RFID Teaches Horses Table Manners, , RFID Journal - Aug 2007

Dozens of stories on RFID for The RFID Journal, www.rfidjournal.com

Alabama feeds Mother Russia,   ASNE Award Winning Story for The Anniston Star -November 26, 1998

New lives: Two-year vocational-technical colleges teach people how to be more productive,   The Anniston Star -July 10, 1999

Forgiveness and Repentance,   The Anniston Star -September 20, 1998

On the road again ... and again ... it's the morning commute,   The Anniston Star -August 29, 1998

Pumpkin Seed Oil,  The Anniston Star -November 6, 2002

Global Bond Markets , CFA Magazine-Nov-Dec 2003

Life post euro: Facing the daunting task of integrating European capital markets , CFA Magazine - July-August 2003

C Magazine
Feminomics - Women are an untapped resource as leaders, C Magazine -February, 2008

The IKEA Cult - From Matches to Masses, C Magazine -March, 2007

THE 2.0 ADVANTAGE The upgrade of the Internet challenges companies in the way they are doing business. But they can use Web 2.0 to be the leader in their industry, C Magazine - April, 2007

Empower the workforce! Unlock hidden knowledge, C Magazine - February 2007

Fiery Wu claims China executes prisoners to sell organs,   German Press Agency dpa -April 5, 1998

Sarajevo: A Ride of Hope and Disappointment,  German Press Agency dpa, The Arab Daily -December, 1995

Is religion for sale in the United States?,   German Press Agency dpa-April 4, 1998

Cat therapists can cure your kitty's blues,   German Press Agency dpa -May, 1998

Forced Marriage Among Europe's Immigrants: Hülya Kalkan's Story,  World Politics Review
-February 8, 2006

European Immigrants Continue to be Forced Into Marriage,  World Politics Review -January 31, 2007

In Germany, Debate Over Muslim Headscarf Rages On,  World Politics Review -November 29, 2006

A Matter of Honor, Your Honor?,  World Politics Review -September 27, 2006

Interview: Forced Marriage in Germany, World Politics Review - February 2007

Knights of Cavalia - Inside The Big Tent of a Theatrical Spectacle that celebrates the history and contradictions of mankind’s love affair with the horseSenses Magazine

On Foreign Corresponding, - January 2003

On Food and Writing, - January 2003

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